The Search is Over - Best Coffee Vape Juice of 2016

August 23, 2016











What does it take to have the Best Coffee Vape Juice of 2016?

A lot of hard work!  At Double Comma Vapes, we care about each and every juice we put out, and our Coffee Vape is no exception.  Our mixologist and in-house chemist worked for months before releasing Coffee to a small group of trusted vapers. Beta testing is essential at Double Comma Vapes to ensure the highest quality product!  

How did we come up with the idea to create what we think is the Best Coffee Vape of 2016?  

It started with an obsession of the well-known ‘Iced Caramel Macchiato,’ a drink enjoyed daily at Double Comma Headquarters. Like a light bulb went off, it occurred to us that a Coffee Vape that didn't have a burnt aftertaste didn’t exist! It was very important that we made sure when you hit the fire button you tasted a smooth, delicious coffee flavor and were left with the sweet taste of vanilla and caramel just like our favorite drink!

Our mixologist quickly got to work by pulling every flavor out of the coffee. He created the perfect layer of flavors to give you the ultimate Vape of the Macchiato taste. This was handed off to our chemist, and after much trial and error, the inhale of coffee and exhale of vanilla and caramel was perfected!  

The feedback from our customers has been awesome for this Coffee Vape!   Here are a few customer comments: 

Belaw805 writes -

"The flavor profile is spot on without the harsh coffee taste in so many other coffees I've tried. Subtle hints of caramel and cream balance this out."

Anthony writes - 

"I've been trying to find a good coffee flavor for a long time, but they all taste like burnt popcorn or super sweet. Not to mention the fact they DESTROY my coils and cotton. I heard from a friend that this stuff is where it's at. So I got some. I dripped 30ml and it DIDN'T EVEN TINT MY COTTON. It left it as white as it was when I rewicked to switch flavors. In short, Murcielago Macchiato is perfection in a bottle."

ohm_your_father writes - 

"This juice was rated in the contest bestejuice2016 on Instagram by 3 judge reviewers and ranks very high and is highly recommended!"


So if you are looking for the Best Coffee Vape of 2016, or ever for that matter, give the Murcielago Macchiato a try!!  We know you won't be disappointed!