About us

Iso 5 Lab

No home garage production or bathtub chemistry to see here. Our manufacturing and bottling is done in a state of the art Iso 5 laboratory by a PH.D Chemist. The Iso 5 lab is 100 times cleaner than an Iso 7 lab to ensure that you get the cleanest and purist E juice available.
Before you vape, know where your Vape Juice is coming from.



Made in the USA

Unlike some companies, we are a privately owned and operated company based in Los Angeles, CA. That means we have complete control over what goes in to our products and how our products are made. Our Vape Juice is not outsourced or a mix by number. From concept to completion, every flavor is created, tasted and perfected in our own facility with GMP compliance.
We test every batch to ensure quality and consistency, that’s the Double Comma difference.




There is nothing more frustrating than buying a premium E-juice only to find that the taste doesn’t match the description. Our Vape Juice can take your right back to a child hood memory or satisfy your craving for your current guilty pleasure. At Double Comma Vapes every flavor goes through extensive beta tasting and revisions by people who vape before hitting our shelves


Less Sweetener

 Our E-juice flavors have less than 1% sweetener to ensure that your coils and cotton stay clean and don't gunk up.


Realistic Pricing

Our goal is to make our customers happy and give them an all day vape that wont break the bank. We have Vape Deals and Discounts running to make sure you can keep Double Comma Vapes as your Vape Juice Company!

*Offer good for New Customers Only