1. What does Double Comma mean?

Double Comma refers to the two commas in $1,000,000.  It is a representation of our dedication to quality.


2. What makes Double Comma Vapes different?

Our company's mission is to provide the highest quality, best tasting Vape Juice on the market.  We do this by utilizing our state of the art private facility, our on staff PH.D. Chemist and our culinary mixologist.  All flavors undergo multiple beta versions and real world vape testing before making it to market.  All of our flavors use less than 1% sweetener so your coils and cotton last longer.


3.  What is the Double Comma Club?

The Double Comma Club is an invitation only Club of our best customers.  These customers receive exclusive deals, beta versions of new flavors, and exclusive apparel.   


4.  Available in stores?

 We want to make our amazing Vape Juice as accessible as possible to our customers.  If our E-Juice hasn't reached the shelves of your local Vape shop let them know to get in touch with us.  




*Offer good for New Customers Only