We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in being sponsored by Double Comma Vapes!

Below you will learn the requirements of the Vape Sponsorship.  If you meet the requirements and are still interested, please fill out the form below and we will contact you back by EMAIL: (*Email will come from doublecommavapes@gmail.com*)


1. Must be of legal age of the in the state in which you reside.
2. Live in the United States
3. Post 1 to 2 pics a week on Instagram: (if we see you posting more, we'll award you more GOLD points. If we see that you are not posting, we will reach out to you and your sponsorship may be revoked)

*Use #DoubleCommaClub hashtag
*Tag @doublecommavapes in all posts

4. Sign up for REWARDS program This is how you will earn GOLD points with our sponsorship and how we will award you additional GOLD if we see you posting more than the required on Instagram.

With our REWARDS Program you will earn GOLD points for:
a. Creating an account
b. Each purchase you make
c. Referring friends
d. Your birthday
e. Liking us on Facebook
f. Following us on Instagram

You can use your GOLD points on FREE JUICE, FREE SWAG, % OFF Hardware, Store Credit and more!


1. Access to a 90ML Vape Juice Sampler at HUGE DISCOUNT (30ML Unicorn & 60ML Glass Bottle). 

2. Sponsors will receive a Coupon Code for future purchases once you are approved as a sponsor. 


Step 1- Submit the form below to get started.

Step 2 - Wait for us to confirm sponsorship by Email

(Once we review your information, we will send you the Coupon Codes for your PERKS to the Email you provide below)

Step 3 - Create Rewards Program

Step 4 - Start Promoting and Earning GOLD 

Please be advised that due to a high number of inquiries, the processing time may take 3-5 business days.