Double Clutch Crunch (PB & Bananas Cereal)

Nicotine Strength

Flavor: Peanut Butter | Banana | Crunch Cereal 

Remember watching cartoons eating a bowl of cereal? Yea, we do too. We wanted to bring you right back to the good 'ol days and have created the best cereal vape juice where on the inhale you'll taste delicious bananas, peanut butter and milk and on the exhale, you'll get that buttery crunch cereal goodness!  It will be your favorite!! 

Product Information: 

Say hello to our Award Winning Vape Juice!  We won the Iron Award at Vape Nights Las Vegas for this juice! Double Comma Vapes takes pride in creating a memorable vaping experience with every bottle!  Our in-house PHD Chemist worked with our Mixologist to create the Best Cereal Vape Juice where you truly taste the Peanut Butter, Banana and Cereal!  We pride ourselves in giving you the best peanut butter vape juice that has a creamy taste you crave and follow it up with hint of banana so that it doesn't overpower the flavor.  The team at DoubleCommaVapes clocked in tons of hours to make sure that the cereal truly tasted like Capt'n Crunch and then had people that vape all day test it out before releasing it.  This Captain Crunch flavor has a  lot of hard work and love put into it and as soon as you taste it, you will see for yourself!  It is a favorite ALL DAY VAPE by everyone!  



USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerin, Artificial and Natural Flavors and Premium Nicotine *if indicated

Proprietary Steeping Process

80/20 VG/PG Ratio

Bottle Sizes:

30ml Unicorn Bottles

60ml Glass Bottles

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Mike B.
United States

Very Nice!

A very good job of blending flavors. No one flavor stands out or "hits you in the face". I'm not much for fruit flavors but I really like it when there's just enough to enhance the juice instead of being dominate. Will for sure be ordering more. Might even try the peach or PB&J to see if there are as well balanced.

Beth m.
United States

Good Stuff..but...

I do really like this juice. Its very clean, and you can tell its made of high quality ingredients. I'm not sure though if its always like this because its my first time trying it, but I do not detect a strong peanut butter or cereal in it. What I am getting is a light hint of peanut butter, and banana. I've tried it on an RDA, and my baby beast with different wattages but still not getting those flavors..don't get me wrong its still good but I wish that cereal and peanut butter would pop more.

Jordan R.
United States

It's a good vape.

Would vape again. Pretty heavy on peanut butter, but it's supposed to be that way and the banana is just right. It's smooth and easy to vape all day.

Adam C.
United States


This juice most definitely tastes like a peanut butter cereal mixed with banana. Fresh out of the bottle you definitely taste the banana and peanut butter. As it steeps, the grainy/malty taste of cereal comes out and the sweetness of the banana mutes a little. I would have personally enjoyed even more of that cereal kick, but it's still good! It's very delicious, not too sweet, and not overpowering in any aspect. Great to have in the morning with breakfast!

Jeremy E.
United States


Shipping was super fast. The taste​ was spot on Thank you so much..

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